This game is made for the mashUp Game jam by Diego & LFStudio.
(We recommend that you play the game in Full Screen mode.)

Backstory: You are a professional Trap Maker known far and wide for your skills and cunning in making traps of all sorts, and you have been offered a job to protect the princess from being taken from the dragon’s castle by the evil knights of the Red Prince of Crimson Keep.

In your collection of traps, you have traps with different sizes to destroy the Red Prince’s knights, but be careful - not every trap you lay will hit every enemy because both traps and knights come in different sizes. Some traps are too big to stop some smaller knights while other may be too small to stop larger knights. 

Use your traps to stop the knights from getting the princess!

TIPYou can move the Camera with a and d and use the Space Bar to speed up and make the game more difficult

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